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Her Love Story

Valentine’s Day was here, and we have been bombarded with commercialized love from flowers, candy, and date nights. According to ancient history, during the 15th century in France, February 14th was declared an annual celebration of romantic love.

Fast forward to the 21st century, what is the true meaning of love? Are we too focused on the idea of love? I’ve noticed that love is often based on pop culture and reality TV. As I stroll social media, I see countless posts surrounding date nights, gifts, and marriage proposals. Hair salons, spas, and shopping centers are filled to almost capacity as women especially is preparing for this special day.

But, “how are you preparing to become the right one for the right on?” asked by Dr. Eddie Connor in his 9th book entitled WIFE. Such a profound question to ponder. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that question, in fact, I never thought about it. Let’s break this down together…are you preparing for a lifetime or just a moment? How are you living your life to become a better version of you? Would you date you?

WIFE by Dr. Eddie Connor gets to the core meaning of love, why we love, how we love, and who we love. He states that girls are prepared to become wives, yet boys are not prepared to become strong men, husbands, and fathers. “Many men want a wife, but are they ready for one? Many women want the title of wife, but do they act like one? You don’t just become a husband or wife, when you get a ring and wed in holy matrimony. You become one through the process of preparation.” (Dr. Eddie Connor, WIFE, pg. 7)

I can remember as a little girl subconsciously preparing to become someone’s wife, from easy bake ovens to playing house. I always made sure that my baby dolls had food, were bathed, and put to bed. As I got older, I began planning my wedding day based on what I read in fairy tales as a child. I believed that Prince Charming would magically appear, and we would live happily ever after. Nobody ever taught me how to properly prepare. Wanting to become and ready to become are two totally different lifestyles I learned later in life. I wanted everything that I didn’t need.

As I started to read WIFE, emotions surfaced as I began to think about relationships past, present, and future. According to Dr. Eddie Connor, it’s ok to be single, just trust God to guide you through this season.

So open your heart, grab some tissue, and order your copy of WIFE by Dr. Eddie Connor from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or

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