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Ivy Nichole is a native Detroiter with the desire make the world a better place. Often individuals experience severe life stressors as their lives begin to unfold. She has a great passion for bringing resolutions to women and girls who have been through a traumatic and stressful experience. Ivy Nichole works effortlessly to bring awareness to social issues experienced within underserved communities.

Ivy Nichole is the founder of Let’s Have Girl Talk, a mentoring program designed to give girls age 12 to 16 a platform to express themselves freely about everyday challenges. Let’s Have Girl Talk is extremely close to her heart as she can relate to how it feels to be a girl growing up in today’s society.

Ivy Nichole became a partner with The Joseph Walker Williams Recreation Center in Detroit MI in the summer of 2015 where she held “Girl Talk” sessions for girls in the community. In 2016, she was introduced to the importance of community involvement, social justice with the Change Agent Consortium.

In 2017, Ivy Nichole’s career began as radio host for Motor City Woman Studio in which she utilized her platform to bring awareness to socially related concerns within the community, such as, family systems, social problems, community organizing, and politics. She has also been featured on 910am Superstation and 1440am I Am Detroit.

Ivy Nichole attended Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills Campus where she studied Mental Health/Social Work receiving her Associates Degree with honors in 2016. Her work experience includes inpatient psych with adults and adolescents, residential foster care for girls, homeless shelter for women and children, Applied Behavioral Analysis for children with autism and outpatient psych for mental health and substance abuse disorders.

In 2020, Ivy Nichole became a candidate for Michigan House District 6 campaigning around issues of mental health, human trafficking and women’s rights.

Ivy Nichole is currently working effortlessly with Church of the Messiah to create a human trafficking task force in the Metro Detroit area. She is also the founder and CEO of She Evolves LLC. Ivy plans to continue her education at Wayne State University majoring in Gender, Sexuality and Woman’s Studies.


Degree & Certifications

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